Tuesday, March 7

Here's something even the liberals can help me with...

UPDATE II: Sheesh, it's "All 24 all the time" around here these days. Stumbled on this funny post by the Conservative UAW Guy (yeah, I thought the same thing) entitled "24 Fun Facts!" Cute. (thanks, Peakah)

(finally, I can post. Sheesh ,with Blogger down for so long I actually had to WORK!!)

*ahem* Anyway, I spoke to my brother last night who informed me that there is a lapse of time between seasons. Then (thank you PCD and Gear Daddy!!) I came in today and found some of our buddies helped out, too. I feel so much more fulfilled now. Thanks! (even though I feel like a total liberal...I mean dork for having to ask.)

Speaking of television and whatnot, have you ever been to Television Without Pity? Great recaps of shows over there. So if you miss an episode, trot on over there and you'll get the lowdown. Like this synopsis of Monday night's "24". And I found this in the forums regarding continuity...

I have a question. A burning question for the ages that I need answered. Seriously. This is very very important.

Who watches "24"? Anyone?

It seems that each season is a "day". Right? I got that part. I've been watching the first season in an attempt to catch up lately and I have a Very Important Question.

Since they've been calling Palmer "President Palmer" in the episodes I HAVE seen from other seasons (reruns), does that mean that he was elected, then only president for...what. Three days? There must have been an interim President (who was killed when terrorists blew up his airplane with his son on board - saw that episode), which put President NoodleSpine...I mean Logan in office but where did he come from if only 4 days have elapsed?

Maybe someone will tell me that there are years between seasons or something.

Just asking, because I'm sure I'm not going to watch the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th seasons on DVD.
Thanks in advance, ya'll.

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