Thursday, March 9

DeLay wins primary in Texas.

UPDATE: It didn't take long for the liberals to start caterwauling about a "conspiracy" and how the primaries in Texas were "rigged".

Wow, this is gonna leave a mark...

HOUSTON (AP) -- In his first election since he was indicted and forced to step aside as majority leader, Rep. Tom DeLay held off three challengers to keep the Republican nomination to the U.S. House. Now he faces what many consider the real contest - a general election fight against an organized, well-funded Democrat with a score to settle.

Blah, blah, whatever. I think it's funny that this journalist is having a hard time spitting out the words "DeLay won" anything. And has to keep throwing in Abramoff and "indicted" and whatnot to make it more palatable. Because, as we know, there have been NO Democrats involved with Abramoff, right, Howie Dean?

Oh and?

(Wikipedia calls this his 'smugshot'. Love it. har.)

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