Tuesday, March 14

Walk the Walk if you're gonna talk the talk, desperate losers

Here's my blogging contribution for the week... Bill Frist finally did something I approve of. He said OK, Feingold, if you want to run your mouth whining about censuring the president, why don't you put your money where your mouth is and let's put it to a vote. All you Dems who like to smear our president for the cameras and your liberal followers out there, let's actually make you stand up and do something about all that sh*t you're saying. You like to talk trash. You have been whining for MONTHS now about Bush's "domestic spying" and how he's "made up" laws, etc. Let's now act on all that he's done that you're so angry about.

But do the Dems actually want to vote on the censure any more than they wanted to vote on impeachment? Well, no, uh, we don't actually want to vote... Why? Because they'll be shown for the desperate losers that they are.

BTW --did you hear about the awful tornadoes in the midwest over the weekend? It's terrible. There have been at least ten people dead, hundreds of homes destroyed... And to add to Rush's point this week --WHERE was FEEMA? Didn't Bush KNOW that the trailers that were devastated couldn't stand up to a cat 5 tornado? You know what this proves, don't you? President Bush hates white people!

(psst...Sage. He hates Hawaiians, too.)

Have a good week, ya'all

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