Thursday, March 9

Light Blogging this weekend! (random open post)

Since this is an open thread, why don't I throw random stuff on it?

Why not ideed.

• For starters, I am totally ordering like 50 sets of these. Forthwith.

• Seeing as how I'm not a guy - but rather a very straight chick - Pam Anderson disgusts me.

• Have any of you waited tables in your lifetime? If you have, this is a terrific site for waiters/waitresses. The guy's a waiter at a snooty upscale NY restaurant. His writing style is hypnotic. Check it out.

• This should really be its own post, but Evil from Land of the Evildoers sent me this link today. At first I was incensed. Then I started reading other people's opinions. I'm not done thinking about it yet, but I thought I'd put it out there for your consideration.

Addition: Yet another opinion for your consideration.
I'm definitely going to have to do a post on this. But by the time I get back and get around to it it'll be old news.


Hi ya'll, Patriotette here. I will be in another state (where it's WARM, thank you very much) Friday through Tuesday. I can pretty much guarantee you that I won't be posting much - if at all - during that time. (Sage probably will, though. She's cool like that.)

There's a good chance we'll be posting throughout the day today, though...

I don't know how this will go over, but we can consider this an open comments/trackback post for anyone with any burning issues to discuss. I'll (or the Sage, or both) check in periodically to see how everyone's doing.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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