Wednesday, March 8

Bring it.

From Insolublog comes one of the best rants I think I have ever read. Hands-down.

You must go read the whole thing. You won't regret it.

A taste:
Is now the time to reach across the aisle, to our fellow Democrat?

This was the subject of an e-mail I received today. The body of the mail included a admission of liberal intent, with the standard claim of personal hatred for the president...

...Bring on all those ‘527s, paving the road to hell, with the intentions of shallow brained, walnut sacked moderates, who wouldn’t know enough to step off the train tracks with a 130db steam whistle heating their ears and a mega-candlepower headlight burning out their orbs. Let the train run them down, full speed, as they are checking their wet fingers for the breezy direction from all those ridiculous media opinion polls.

I love the divisive, rock-em-sock-em robots in Washington. Bring on Zell Miller. Give him that snake-killing shovel. Point him in the direction of Jim Carville and say:

"See that snake, Zell? It's threatening your grandchildren. Go kill it, brother!"

I want every dork that Borked Bork, get Borked themselves and dragged through the ideological streets of the capital, with a rope fashioned by their own rhetoric, behind the conservative chariot.

Screw the hand-pumping, smile on the face, with a dagger under the toga, duplicitous, bipartisan, hypocritical Senate posturing. The Wellstone funeral, the King funeral, the SOTU speech antics and the SCOTUS hearings proved that we don't need no stinking decorum. Cast it away, I say. Take the padded boxing gloves off, and put on chain mail, and brass knuckles.

Oh, yeah. Go read it all.

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