Wednesday, March 15

Wednesday stuff...

(bumped to the top)

First up:
An unintentionally hilarious (unintentionally by Ms. Stabmenow) photo sent to us by our friend PCD. (Note to self: when attacking someone, make sure that the attack itself doesn't make you look like a complete and utter moron. Sort of takes the teeth out of whatever it is you're trying to accomplish.)

Update: The Photoshopping has begun...

It is SO hard to come back to "reality" after being on vacation for 5 days. I walked in the office this morning to piles and stacks of paperwork, 54 e-mails, and a voice mail box full of messages.

Nice to be missed.

I didn't really listen too much to the news while I was gone, which I probably should have. (hey, I was BUSY, ya'll!)

I was made aware of some goings on this morning, so I'll be sure to blog about it once I'm un-buried from under this pile of stuff that needs my attention. Mostly I heard tidbits about some "censure" thing that I believe Sage mentioned below (whatever), Saddam is acting up at his trial (whatever), and some FAA lawyer is in deep doo-doo for coaching witnesses in the 9/11 trial (sigh).

Who watched "24" on Monday? What the #$% is going on over there that they're killing everyone off? Dang it, I liked Edgar. Blogs for Bauer doesn't believe Tony's dead, by the way. Neither do I. So. When's President Noodlespine going bye-bye? Soon? Was anyone else glad to see Samwise Gamgee go? Nice that he got to go out like a hero after he caused the whole darn mess in the first place. I just feel sorry for the security guard guy, though.

ALSO: Please go wish our friend Peakah a heartfelt "Happy Anniversary". But first you have to read the post to go along with the anniversary announcement that left me all blubbery and teary-eyed. It's a beautiful, sweet post about his wedding day. Happy Anniversary, Peakah!!