Monday, March 3

Michigan Speak

This is a completely frivolous post... The Free Press had this "Do you Speak Michigan?" article today with some "Michigan" words. Most of them were kind of lame and I've never heard them, but some were funny. For example:

Lionitis, n., the unshakable belief that the Detroit Lions will play in a Super Bowl in your lifetime. Usage: He knew he should have been at his son's concert, but the Lionitis took hold, convincing him this was the day the team would turn that big corner.

I have a brother who's been afflicted with "Lionitis" for years and years. No matter how we try to medicate him, he never fails to believe in August that this will be the year- the year they make the playoffs. (He doesn't think Super Bowl, just one playoff game- he must have a minor case of Lionitis.)

Here is some more "Michigan speak" I was razzed about when living out of state:

-We say "Quarter to" instead of "Quarter of" (It's quarter to three)

-Of course, it's POP - soda's something you mix with alcohol

-Our soft "a's" come off more as "ahhhh's" (would you like some balsaaaaaamic vinagrett with your saaaaaalad?) (for whatever reason, this "ahhhhh" phenomenon is far more pronounced in women)

-"Up North" is any place north of Saginaw

-And for the love, east coasters- it's U of M, not "U-mich!"

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