Monday, December 4

Drop the "C"

Because the "B" and the "S" already say it all. Florida whined their way into a #2 spot and the opportunity to get clobbered by Ohio State in Glendale.

On Nov. 26, the Wolverines led the Gators by 86 points in the Harris Poll and 30 points in the USA Today poll. By Sunday morning there had been a 154-point reversal in the Harris poll and a 56-point swing in the USA Today poll...

What can you say? The coaches essentially voted that the #1 team shouldn't have to play the #2 team again, since they already beat them (by 3 points, at home), and that rather than the exciting rematch of the #1 and #2 team, the country would rather see Ohio State beat a team by at least 20 points in the championship game. (If Florida even loses by as close as 8 points, I'll eat my hat) So there you have it. A team that could hardly beat the Gamecocks of South Carolina is ranked #2 and playing for the national title.

Some things never change -- the Rose Bowl will still be the best bowl game to watch.

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