Wednesday, December 6

What's Next?

Back in May, I had a post ("Because we need others to tell us how to live our lives"), in which I asked the question - what the hell is next? In this post, I was griping about Detroit banning the use of cell phones while driving and wondering what the government would try to ban next.

That's been answered in NY, a place many of these reformist, know-it-all, misguided do-gooders start this crap. They've banned trans fat. So who cares? you might ask - trans fat is really bad for you. Granted. But where are you going to draw the line when you start letting government regulate what people eat? Are we headed toward a society only allowed to eat fruit and vegetables? Will they ban chocolate? How about sugar --because sugar is really bad for you and can make you fat. Let's mandate the South Beach Diet for all Americans!

I've got news for those New Yorkers -- it's not the trans fat's fault there are fat people in your city. It's about will power. It's about personal responsibility and deciding whether or not you want to follow a healthy diet. And as free Americans, that is our decision. Just like it should be our decision whether or not we want to exercise, whether or not we want to drink, whether or not we want to smoke, whether or not we want to own guns, whether or not we want to keep our old ocean-front house, or sell it to a condo developer who could improve the city's tax base. The point is - the information is out there. More and more Americans are consciously making the decision to live healthier lives - to quit smoking, exercise and eat better, based on what we read or hear is healthy or unhealthy. And that's great, when people willfully make that choice. I'd like to see the "pro-choice" crowd really stand up for Americans' right to choose.

Wake up, America! Stand up for your freedoms.

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