Thursday, November 30

Democrat Speechwriters for the Freak of Iran

Conservababes have received uncorroborated information that the recent letter from the Freak of Iran was actually written by a collaboration of prominant Democrats. Our analysts have detected a little Murtha, a squeak of Rangle, a bit of Kerry, a splash of Kennedy, and a dash of Pelosi.

Let's see... He tries to sweet talk us by catch phrases he doesn't really mean ("noble Americans"/"we support the troops"), his analysis of the recent midterm elections was that Americans rejected Bush's Iraq/war on terror policy, and he's more concerned about "global resentment" toward America than he is about winning the war on terror.

Of course, his letter said nothing about stopping the enrichment of uranium or retracting his former statements that Israel should be blown off the map, but at least there's dialogue, right? At least we're talking! That's the important thing!

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