Monday, September 25

Who's Your Tiger?

Yea! The Tigers make the playoffs for the first time since 1987!!! It's felt like an alternate universe in the D this summer...

In other news, just to assure us that we are, indeed, still grounded in reality-- the Lions continue to find new and excited ways to lose. But hey, as the announcers kept cheerfully reminding us --at least Favre and the Packers finally found a way to win! It's been so difficult for them thus far this season. For all their practices and gameplans, who knew all along, all they really had to do to find that winning ingredient was play the Lions!

On another note, still not sure what happened Saturday... was it just the luck of the Irish or typical MSU choking and unable to string together any semblence of a winning season??? At any rate, it was definitely painful to watch. Hoping the Irish defense can step it up and regroup when they play Purdue this Saturday.

In other news, Clinton looked like he was a Spartan fan during this recent interview with Fox News' Chris Wallace... I honestly feared he'd start rioting at any moment... He gets violent when you question is "legacy"

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