Monday, September 11

Remembering 9/11

We should never forget exactly how we felt on that day, 5 years ago, nor the victims' and their families' sorrow, nor the lessons we learned from this terrible attack; lessons about our enemy, as well as what it means to be an American. That patriotism and pride we all felt --if we continue to remember that, the terrorists have already lost this war.

In the spririt of this anniversary, I'm not going to write anything political this week. Let's just remember, give thanks for our blessings, and reflect on the lessons of 9/11.

My blurb for the week is about the ABC 9/11 special --I must say, I was riveted to the TV and can't wait to watch the rest tonight. Though it doesn't look like most Americans could tear themselves away from the great football last night... at least we have our priorities, right???

Poor Eli. What a terrible interception late in the game --the Giants definitely had ample opportunity to win that one. Oh, well.

Speaking of football, how 'bout those college games this weekend? Was quite sorry to see Texas lose, but what can you expect with a rookie QB against the #1 team in the nation? They put up a good fight. (Say it with me --Oh how I hate, Ohio State) Now looking forward to this Saturday, when Michigan ventures to South Bend to take on the #2 ranked Fighting Irish. (both teams had huge wins this week; ironically both 41-17 scores, though Notre Dame's opponent was a bit more challenging...) Go Irish!

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