Wednesday, September 13

Behind enemy lines...

Hello again! It's the Patriotette writing from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Land of kooks and nuts, new age fanatics and bad drivers. (we also have beautiful mountains and 300 days of I guess it all evens out somewhat)

Sorry about not being around a lot (ahem...or at ALL), but being a new mom has been taking up all my free time! The little princess is finally napping on a regular schedule and for more than twenty minutes at a time so hopefully I'll be able to blog more often. I know the Sage will appreciate the break.

I am constantly amazed at the liberal-mindedness in this state. Albuquerque isn't nearly as bad as Santa Fe, but it's way more liberal than good ol' New Fallujah. At least in New Fallujah I didn't feel hot pokers digging into my skull when I drove around with my "W04" sticker on my car. I recently went to Santa Fe and I wasn't sure if I'd make it out alive. I've never seen so many hippies in one place in my life!

Thank God I still have Rush and Hannity on talk radio down here.

The good thing about being a new mom is that my priorities are a lot different now then they were. I don't get quite as upset about the liberal antics as I used to, but it's still fun to listen to Rush go off on his tirades about it all. (I have GOT to get that "Rush Baby on Board" sign for my car. And go back to Santa Fe with it. Heh.)

Anyway, all that to say that I hope I'll be able to blog again - I've missed ya'll!! The Sage will probably end up being the reigning authority on all things politics and I'll be interjecting snippets of life in New Mexico, kid-related stuff (my four-month old has a TOOTH??!!), and the occasional rant about the weenie liberals down here.

The Patriotette

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