Wednesday, September 20

Blood Boiling...

...can hardly contain myself. Want to start smacking liberals...

So let me get this straight. We found the U.N. We put up 2/3 of the U.N. budget. We allow those ungrateful, corrupt, despots to meet on American soil (in prime NYC real estae, I might add). And how do they reward us? By turning the U.N. into an American-bashing extravaganza. Actually inviting a dictator who participated in taking U.S. hostages for over 300 days in his country in 1980, a dictator who denies the Holocost happened, a dictator who openly states that Israel has no right to exist --a DICTATOR to come and give a speech about how the U.N. and world should be more democratic. And he gets applause. Today Chavez is up there waving an American liberal favoriate --Noam Chomsky-- and calling Bush the devil. And he gets applause.

The time has come when the U.N. has reached total irrelevance. When Chavez and the Freak of Iran get more applause than the President of the United States, that organization has announced to the world how warped its views are and just how irrelevant it truly is.

(Will you hear any American Democrats complain about this treatment? Of course not. They agree with these freaks that Bush is the biggest threat to the world. In fact, their rhetoric of hatred has given these men license to come to American soil and call our president the devil. After all, the Liberals think he's Hitler --why not the devil, too? (if only they believed in the devil))

It is time for us to pull out of the U.N. and kick those bastards off our soil. NOW.

Update: I stand corrected. Props to Rangel for acting like an American. Even Pelosi is acting American! She called Chavez a "thug" for his attacks on Dubya. My faith in our government is somewhat restored... Mind you, I still wouldn't mind fighting ignorance by smacking a liberal or two. After all, it is their vicious attacks on Bush that haven given these kooks the impression that they can get away with coming to our country and trashing our prez. at the U.N. But I am proud to see these ardent Bush opponents standing up for the president of the U.S.A.

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