Tuesday, September 12

The President Speaks

Dubya gave a great speech last night to mark the 5th anniversary of 9/11. If anyone wonders why I like the guy, his speech last night was a prime example.

But then, I wasn't watching it frothing at the mouth seeing hallucinations of Hitler on the screen...

Unfortunately, our friendly congressmen on both sides are up in arms about how "partisan" the speech was or wasn't.

To think that speech was partisan is really a sad commentary on our times. Bush is our president, like it or not. He is the commander in chief of our armed services and our armed services are currently at war. Using the emotion and memory of 9/11 to remind us all of the danger terrorism presents and our current strategy for fighting the war on terror is not partisan, it's what he should be doing as the commander in chief.

Those who don't agree we should be in Iraq are misguided, but there will always be detractors in a free society. But because they might not agree doesn't change the fact that the U.S. armed services are over there to fight for a cause our commander in chief belives in and that the Congress has voted to fund. We should stand together.

Unfortunately, aside from a few photo-ops and choruses of God Bless America for about a week after 9/11, the Democrats quickly reverted to their normal state of being as vehemently anti-Bush as they were during campaign season. It's sad, it's pathetic. And for them to be screaming about how partisan the president's speech was last night shows they continue to live up to the hypocrisy I've come to expect from them.

On another note --Very light blogging for the rest of the week. The Sage is taking another vacation. Will be far removed from politics and the business world (yea!). If any of you haven't experienced the pristine beauty and soul-rejuvination of Up North, Michigan, I highly recommend it. Look forward to everyone's comments and the run up to mid terms upon my return.

Oh, and don't forget that we want Michigan's one and only loss of the season to be this Saturday.

Go Irish!!!

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