Tuesday, September 19


I read kid related blogs now. Yeah, suprise suprise.

Can someone please explain to me why this post is necessary? Read the comments and explain to me where these idiots are coming from? (there's ONE voice of reason. ONE.)

Here's an exerpt to show you the level of stupidity we're dealing with:

I've never really thought about where our school teachers get their material from, but I guess it's something I should consider. What children learn in school helps form the fabric of our collective futures. (unfortunately, yes, that seems to be the case) Apparently, Scholastic is the company that publishes the texts that many public schools use to formulate their lessons. In the editorial, JM Peter Rundlet examines the content of Scholastic, which his daughter learns from at school. He believes that Scholastic is "often loaded with deceptive, pro-war political propaganda and rewrites history to promote a political agenda among our young people. " Whoa.

Those are some big accusations. But he does offer some compelling reasons (emphasis mine) for his beliefs: he says that Scholastic teamed up with ABC to write a 9/11 history that falsely suggests a tie between Iraq and September 11, inaccurate reporting of Iraq's WMD claims, and provides upbeat accounts of reportedly dire conditions on the ground in both Iraq and Afghanistan, among others. (oh, PuhLEASE!!)

I can't get away from the libs. Even on parenting/kids blogs. This particular site won't post my comments because evidentally I say things they don't like, so posting on MY blog is my only way to say how exactly I feel about them.

Anyone know of good parenting sites and/or blogs I can visit without raising my blood pressure?

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