Tuesday, May 30

What a nut...

Algore warns the "end of civilization" might be near if we don't do something to stop global warming... As has been previously discussed on this blog, we don't believe that man has any effect on the earth's temperature. (Were the SUVs and factories also to blame for past ice ages and our coming out of them? Haven't we been warming since the last ice age ended? Where is the climate data prior to 150 years ago for us to actually compare whether we should be worried about the earth's temperature increasing 1 degree over the last 100 years, or take it as part of a natural, cyclical change in climate that has always been occuring since the earth was formed? I could go on, but don't want to keep pointing out the obvious. For past blogging on this issue, click here and scroll down to our "Global Warming Reminder" post.)

Why is Algore treated differently than any crazy preacher telling us the world is going to end because we except gays or other such nonsense? How big is this elitest man's ego that he thinks man can alter the climate of the earth? He's the worst environmentalist whacko out there. He makes blowing up car dealerships seem tame. And what's the liberal media do? Report as if he's actually making valid points, rave about his ridiculous little propaganda flick, and gush about his considerations to run again for president. Can you imagine --President Whacko? Yikes.

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