Friday, May 26

Bush & Blair - An Admirable Team

Of course to the press core salivating at the Bush-Blair press conference last night, the most important question was to demand what each thought their great mistakes had been concerning the Iraq war. President Bush had the humility and honesty to remark that some of his tough talk (which I loved as being so very American, i.e. "Bring it on" and "wanted, dead or alive") was not viewed favorably by the international community or guilt-ridden, America-hating liberals. Maybe those were not the most responsible choice of words for the leader of the free world to use. And of course, he mentioned Abu Gharab. So the reporters and liberal pundits got their headlines --Bush and Blair admit mistakes and/or we didn't hear anything "new."

They just don't get it. They don't understand that they didn't hear anything "new" because the strong convictions of these two leaders have not wavered or changed. Two allies of different political thought and philosophy have come together, despite strong opposition in each of their countries, to do what they believe is the right thing. They have stood united on this issue since the beginning. Do you think they've been acting for public approval? Do you think they care about polls? They care about protecting democracy and freedom and fighting the war on terror in such as way as to preserve ours. As Blair pointed out last night --the terrorists understand the significance of this battle. Why don't we?

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