Thursday, May 25

Another Stike by the Wicked Media of the West

Yes, they're at it again. This time reporting that House Speaker Dennis Hastert is under Justice Department investigation for a bribery probe. This statement has been proved false; the Justice Dept. has denied Hastert is under investigation. However, ABC is "sticking by" its false story.

(Does this sound like deja vu to anyone else... just change the letters to CBS, Bush national guard... And, like that story, the Lefty blogs will be running mad with Hastert's supposed corruption, probably completely ignorant of the fact that the charge turned out to be false. After all, what's an inconvenient fact when you can rabidly blather about more "culture of corrpution!" or Bush "lying.")

I'm proud that Hastert appears to be fighting back, hopefully pursuing legal action against ABC. When will they learn???

Perhaps they would have been better off talking about real corruption, rather than wished for Republican wrongs, such as the very real investigation of William Jefferson, (a Democrat!) who was caught taking bribe money on video tape. See, they wouldn't be sued or ridiculed by reporting on factual investigations, rather than ardently hoped for ones.

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