Friday, May 19

Detroit Sports Update

Tonight is do or die for our Pistons. We certainly didn't expect to be in this position, especially not in the second round. The Pistons haven't lost three in a row all year; too bad they had to wait for the playoffs to give it a try. I confess, I'm more than a little worried. This team hasn't had any practice playing in must-win situations since last year's playoffs. We'll see how well they can withstand the pressure; they're definitely the better team. Oh, and let's see if Sheed can keep his mouth shut and actually stay in the game this time --we need him.

In other news, and I NEVER thought I'd be saying this. Never. Ever. Hey-- at least we have the Tigers!

An excerpt: The current winning streak, Detroit's longest in 13 years, stands at seven games. Their 27-13 record is their best 40-game start since 35-5 in 1984 -- the year of their last eight-game winning streak.

Yes, that would also be the last year we won the World Series. Hey, I think that hell is finally starting to freeze over... confirmation will come next fall if the Lions have a winning season. We'll see.

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