Monday, May 22

Misguided worries by a ridiculous Democrat

Yes, I'm talking about that esteemed former secretary of state, the fair Madeleine Albright. Apparently, she's very concerned that President Bush's faith is "alienating Muslims around the world." (I wonder if she is as concerned about say, Saddam, Hamas, or the Freak of Iran alienating Jewish and Christians around the world by calling for jihad against our evil, Western ways and the all-out destruction of Isreal?)

She also believes that what Bush views as the difference between good and evil is different from that of better Christians like Jimmah Carter and Bill Clinton. (I don't know about you, but I definitely think Clinton is more faithful than Bush- my minister is always telling me how it's OK to sexually assault people and cheat on your spouse). I guess it must have been Bush's religion that told him a dictator who murdered and tortured his own people and paid the families of suicide bombers who killed Israelis was wrong... My, that is troubling. For me, it was a simple case of human decency and common sense...

BTW, can someone point out to me all of Ms. Albright's shining foreign policy accomplishments? Did she perhaps negotiate Clinton's nuclear secrets for campaign money deal? Or maybe it was her tough stance on terrorism after the Cole bombing or the first WTC attack... oh, wait, nevermind. Oh-- maybe it was her unveiling of the mass corruption plaguing the U.N. No, no, that wasn't her, either. I'm stumped!

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