Thursday, May 18

Wicked Media of the West Strikes Again

How else do you explain the numbers from this recent Washington Post/ABC poll:
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The factor that most people (17%) cited as deciding their vote for the U.S. House this year was the economy.

69% of people polled think "things in this country" are generally on the "wrong track/going in the wrong direction"


That number drops to 52% when asked the same question about their state


41% (that's 58% "right direction") when asked the same question about their local community.

Oh, but it gets better:

84% of those polled were satisfied or very satisfied with their "overall life at this present time"

89% were optimistic about their own personal future

Despite the MSM's best efforts, 65% were still optimistic about the future of this country (though that's considerably lower than the 89% personal optimism number, and despite the fact that 69% think our country is "going in the wrong direction..." can we say confusion? have we been "misled" by the MSM?)

The 65% optimism number broke down specificially to 52% optimistic about the national economy, 63% optimistic about their local economy, and up to 79% about their own family's financial situation.

Well, congrats to the main stream media for doing its job! Most people now feel that one of the best economies in history is not very good at all; they think 5% interest rates are sky high, and 4.8% unemployment is staggering. They think they're doing OK in their local communities and personal lives, but everyone else across the country is misrably suffering. And, of course, this is all Bush and the Republicans' fault.

In other words, under Bush and a Republican congress, we have the best economy in years, but as the results of this poll show, people think that the economy would be better under Democrats who've done nothing but squawked and caterwauled about how "bad" everything is for the past six years and will do nothing once elected save raise our taxes, thus putting an effective end to our current good economy. (which the media will somehow find a way to blame the Republicans for)

Sometimes ignorance just makes me want to scream! If the American public would get a little historical context and try a little harder not to get their news from such blatantly biased sources, maybe then they could recognize a good economy when they see one.

The same things could be said about the media's impact on our views toward Iraq, as are reflected in this poll, and any number of other issues. It would be laughable if it wasn't so sad.

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