Tuesday, May 30

Grave Disappointment

The Pistons are letting us down; not sure what happened last night. But one thing has been clear throughout this series --Miami wants to win a lot more than we do. That has been perfectly evident.

Like the Red Wings, our Pistons looked so unstoppable through the regular season and decided come playoff time that they didn't really care that much about winning another championship. Through the regular season, you couldn't find any team better than the Pistons --and I don't just mean their record. They truly played as a team; there were no superstars, no egos, just team. To see what they've become --publically blaming their coach for their post-season lackluster performance-- is pathetic. Is their coach the one shooting below 30% in some of these games?

Before all this, I'd have believed them capable of anything --even coming back from a 3-1 deficit. Now I'm just hoping they put us out of our misery; I can't stomach watching another game like last night's.

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