Thursday, May 11

Why We Love Ann

I'd love to expand a little on Coulter's Conservatives Need 12-Step Program to Manhood post just out today. In case you haven't the time to read the entire thing (which I strongly recommend), here are some highlights:

It's pretty pathetic when a Kennedy is too drunk to drive into the Potomac.

Conservatives will continue to be threatened with prison on trumped-up charges until Democrats start having to worry about being prosecuted for minor offenses, too

Democrats have declared war against Republicans, and Republicans are wandering around like a bunch of ninny Neville Chamberlains, congratulating themselves on their excellent behavior. They'll have some terrific stories about their Gandhi-like passivity to share while sitting in cells at Guantanamo after Hillary is elected.

For a political party that grasps the concept of victory against foreign enemies, Republicans can't seem to grasp that concept when it comes to domestic enemies.

Patriotic Americans don't have to become dangerous psychotics like liberals, but they could at least act like men.

Why hasn't the former spokesman for the Taliban matriculating at Yale been beaten even more senseless than he already is?

There is not the remotest possibility that a man who was recently defending shooting women in the head for wearing nail polish will so much as be snubbed on the Yale campus.

From the time I became interested in national politics, even before I was old enough to vote, I've been a Republican. And the thing that always angered me most about my party was that they were just too frickin' nice. I couldn't stand it. Politeness doesn't go very far when your opponents are calling you a racist, bigot, homophobe, lying, deceitful, evil Hitler-esque figure out to crush the poor and take over the world.

How can you defend yourself against attacks such as the rabid left has flung our way for the past, oh, let's see, 30 years? This has been the typical Republican response thus far: "No, I'm not! whah. And I resent your hurtful words. Now, let's work together on that education bill so that we can say we passed something bi-partisian before you go back to calling me a racist liar on Monday."

Republicans are too afraid of being perceived as what they're alreaady accused of to stand up for themselves. Instead they snivel around trying to get along with Democrats, who will go along with Republicans so long as it suits them before stabbing them in the back again. The Left in this country has been brutal, especially since Bush came into office. Frankly, the Republian base so bristled at their attacks of Dubya that they rallied behind him, particuluarly in '04, to come out and reelect him in record numbers. But it's hard for us to continue to rally when the politicians we're supporting cannot find the strength within themselves to do so.

It's not just the politicians, it's our whole culture. The hypocrisy is staggering. As Ann points out, can you honestly tell me that there are no feminists left at Yale? At liberal Yale? Not one feminist? Not one lady there who was as outraged as I was that women in Afghanistan were being murdured for little things like painting their nails, wearing lipstick, or talking to a man unrelated to them? Where were the womens' rights activists? Why weren't they protesting? Why do Americans pick and choose to support oppressed people only when it suits them? OK, the Africa thing is politically correct --Bono's involved and all, so we'll care about that. But we won't care about misrably oppressed women in Afghanistan or oppression and torture of Iraqis under Saddam Hussein. Not only did no one care about the women in Afghanistan before the war, but now that one of their oppressors is a student at Yale (something I still cannot believe), the students there are too afraid of offending any Taliban-leaning, anti-semetic freaks to show any outrage against him. I've seen interviews of female Yale students who say it's more important to "hear what he has to say" so that we can better "understand him." Frankly, a man that was supportive of murduring women for things like wearing nail polish can go to hell. I don't care to understand anything about him.

Where is this wimpyness coming from? First the femenazis try to take away the manliness of American men. The demasculinization (is that a word? oh, well, I'll make up my own Bushism) spread to our outlook on foreign policy. Now it's threatening Republican law-makers??? Heaven help us if we all don't get some common sense knocked into us soon. And if Republicans fail to stand up for themselves and put on the gloves against their Democratic rivals, that common sense hit upside the head will come in the form of a major Democratic victory this November.

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