Thursday, April 6

Who makes the villans?

GREAT article by our girl, Ann Coulter, seemingly one of the only Republicans left who will stand up for Tom DeLay.

She makes some very true insights on how liberals criminalize any Republican with any kind of power and effectiveness out there. They demonize them, investigate them for ridiculous charges, and call them enough bad names long enough until people start to believe their assertions, which as usual are not based on much factual evidence. It's the Democratic strategy; has been for a long time. They tried to do it to Bush, but it backfired in the '04 election because the GOP base finally got sick and tired of the relentless, rabid attacks and rose to Bush's defense. (They're still trying to do it to Bush, perhaps forgetting that he's not the one running in '08.) Meanwhile, they ignore things like their former KKK member and drunken killer in the Senate, a Clinton official literally caught stuffing classified documents down his pants, etc. When will the rest of America wake up and smell the hypocrisy???

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