Tuesday, March 7

Trip to the UN...free.

Updated 3/7: Well, we were rather kind. I had an opening to be catty and nasty and I refrained. (patting self on back)

HOWEVER. Ace has some definite opinions to share on the topic (Well, the call her Peace Mom not Peace Milf. ouch!).

Beautiful Atrocities stages a fashion intervention.

Funny, funny stuff. (warning, photos contained in links are eye-bleedingly horrific. Click at your own risk...)

Appointment with UN Missions representative...free.

Being a screeching moonbat...free.

Getting arrested for being a screeching moonbat...priceless.

Yeah, yeah, she'll be out by dinnertime. Still loved the pictures, though. Can't you just hear her? "BUT I'M CINDY FRICKIN' SHEEHAN YOU FASCIST!!"