Sunday, March 26

A picture worth a thousand words...

There's a blog I visit often as a mom-to-be that usually contains some advice, stuff to buy, and other little gems. If you're a parent or a parent to be, go visit someday.

This morning I was surfing around, having gotten up at 7am again - darn internal clock - and found this absolutely priceless photo. (I hope I'm not plagarizing anything or using this without "proper permission" - not sure how the site's Flickr Pool is supposed to work...)

If the little guy was a bit older, I can just hear my grandfather blaming the noxious fumes filling up the room on one of his two bull mastiffs (it usually WAS the dogs' fault, in fairness). I wonder what mischief the kid got into that is being blamed on the poor dog.

Anyway, it made me laugh out loud - at 7am - so I needed to share it with ya'll.
Have a wonderful Sunday!