Monday, March 6

Politics fatigue? (Updated with day-after Oscar stuff)

I was pleasantly suprised by Jon Stewart - some of his politically-directed jokes were actually funny. an allusion to Hollywood's traditional place as a bastion of liberal-leaning causes, he touted the Oscar telecast as a rare "place where you can watch all your favorite stars without having to donate any money to the Democratic Party."
He also mentioned something about how neat it must be to actually "vote for a winner" this time. har.

Brokeback lost to Crash. Big freakin' deal. None of the movies even nominated were wildly popular movies. Could it be that we're sick of having these so-called "courageous" movies shoved down our throats? (no pun intended)

Some chippie hostess on ABC was interviewing one of the stars of Brokeback and said something to the camera about "movie goers actually wanting to 'think'" - in reference to Brokeback being considered for an Oscar. How insulting a comment was that.

Otherwise, I watched all of maybe an hour of the show, surfed the channels during the acceptance speeches, and was glad that it was over.

I wonder when they'll run the Gray's Anatomy episode that was pre-empted last night?

Oh, and ps. Can someone please explain Naomi Watts' dress to me? It looks like something she washed the floor with, shredded a bit, and pasted on herself. Bad color on her, too. Blech. (maybe she's doing her part since Bjork wasn't there this year...)


You know you're getting way too obsessed with politics in general when you have a dream that you're at a dinner party at Ina Garten's house and when you find out she's invited Al Franken you start drinking heavily.

Just sayin.

I'll be trying not to watch the Academy Awards tonight, but I'm sure I'll peek in once in a while just to see the fashions. To me, that's the most important part - especially what Bjork is going to be wearing. Jon Stewart won't disappoint, and will say something really stupid. Maybe many things. If there's anything to blog about after tonight, we'll update this post with it. Otherwise, we'll get on to more important things like dreams about dinner parties with famous liberals. Or something.

For your entertainment: Greg Gutfield at the HuffPo has some predictions of his own:

Mike Myers shows up with his mother.

Felicity Huffman preaches tolerance.

Jon Stewart opens with a gay cowboy joke, followed by a Cheney joke. This is perceived as "outrageous," a sign that Stewart won't be "muzzled." He turns to self-deprecation when the schtick becomes repetitive.

George Clooney will plant an on-stage kiss on Matt Damon after Matt cites Clooney's "bravery" in "tackling the new McCarthyism" in "Good Night and Good Luck." The entire exchange is about as spontaneous as a shuttle launch.

Meanwhile, Theo Van Gogh remains dead.

Tim Robbins attempts a witty comment at the expense of the religious right. He remains mum on Muslims and cartoons.

Meanwhile, Theo Van Gogh remains dead.

SoCal Pundit asks you "Are you going to watch?" poll - be sure to check out the comments section, too.

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