Friday, March 3

Don't Hate Us Because We're Beautiful...

As Babes we've experienced insecure people hating us because we're beautiful or smart or confident or basically just content with ourselves. So we know know how George W. feels.

Ever since President Bush first took office, liberals have detested him. And not just for his actions. Here's our theory:

We know from their own admission that liberals cannot stand Bush's confidence. They think him extremely arrogant. One of their favorite examples of this is his episode on the aircraft carrier. Naturally they focus on him declaring a premature victory in the war in Iraq. If they had actually listened to him, they would have heard him say that we had concluded official combat (which was true --Saddam's Iraqi army was thoroughly ousted) and that we still had a lot of work to do, a long road ahead (also true). But when do liberals listen?

Beyond that, liberals especially hated W. at that moment for his confidence and because he was just plain cool. It was cool that he flew that fighter jet 1/3 of the route to the carrier. It was cool how comfortable he looked in that flight suit. And the expressions of pride on the faces of our midshipmen on that carrier --that was also very, very cool.

Liberals did not like how cool the president looked. They are like the friendless geeks who spend their time hating the most popular guy in high school instead of looking within to examine why they themselves have no friends. They have the same problem with their approach to foreign policy. What do you mean we're going against the French? Liberals act so that everyone will like them or not to offend anyone. Like the high school geek, what they don't realize is that there's no substance within them to like. So instead of acknowledging how cool Bush looked in that instance, liberals howled and raved about his arrogance.

Personally, I like confident people. And I think the president of the United States has the right to a measured amount of arrogance. (don't forget "swagger". -DP)

Liberals loved Bill Clinton. He had so many endearing flaws --his inability to keep his pants zipped, his addiction to cheeseburgers, his loveless marriage to the ultimate shrew --these were all things insecure liberals can relate to. Or, better yet, seeing that their president has faults makes them feel better about themselves. But just as they loved their flawed Democrat, they detest their current confident commander in chief.

In general, these liberals are either insecure, paranoid worry worts, or just plain unhappy. Polls have consistently shown that Republicans, overall, are happier people than Democrats. Liberals have issues. They believe in ridiculous conspiracy theories and think their cynicsm is intelligence, rather than insecurity. They're more easily angered because of their unhappiness, more likely to spew the venom within themselves.

And here comes Bush --he's had a good life, he's happily married to a classy, attractive woman, he's close with his parents and his children, he's very faithful, and he has deep, unwavering convictions. He is confident in his beliefs and in himself. Liberals can't stand him! He's the anti-liberal!

If Bush has done anything wrong it's to assume the rest of us understand his convictions. He has the worst PR people I've ever seen. He needs to reach out to the American people and bring them along with him. He thought winning the last election meant the public was with him on the war on terror, so he disappeared for awhile to do his job. He forgets that the liberal attacks are relentless and America has a very short attention span. He needs to be out there every week with a press conference, reminding us of the reasons for our actions. When he speaks, he reassures --his poll numbers always rise after a national address or speech. They drop when he's been silent for too long. Because W is a popular guy; he got the most votes of any American president in the last election. The insecure like to hate him, but he has many ardent supporters out there.

Most Americans are reassured by Bush's confidence. The liberals have their own issues to grapple with before they'll calm down enough to see reason.

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