Monday, March 10

The Real Reason...

Dems don't like the Patriot Act. We're supposed to be spying on terrorist conversations, but you never know when we'll pop up with something like this... (of course, I'm sure they had a warrant for that, the heading was meant to be funny)

Ordinarily I might feel for a public figure caught up in such a scandal, but we're talking about Eliot High-Horse Spitzer here! Ha!

BTW- Spitzer is calling this a 'private matter.' It's always a 'private matter' we should not be concerned with when a Democrat is involved, but if it's a Republican, well then it's a huge, major deal worthy of non-stop negative media coverage. The Dems defend this by saying - well, we don't claim the moral high ground like Republicans do. (as if they're proud of not claiming the moral high ground) But they really can't say that with Spitzer, now can the?

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