Thursday, March 22

Latest Useless Nations Outrage

Was purusing some of our blogs linked to on the right and couldn't believe this latest UN outrage--

First, scanning through Altas Shrugs, I'm angry, as any woman or decent person would be, to see all of the examples of abuse against women by Muslims across the world. It's disgusting. Man in France gets 30 years jail for permanently blinding his wife? Judge in Germany decides wife doesn't deserve hasty divorce because her husband beat her... because they're Muslim. And how about more death-by-stoning sentences for supposed female adulters in Sudan? The list goes on - just scroll through her blog. (And we still have people crying about Gitmo detainees being forced to listen to loud music and standing in uncomfortable positions??)

Then I visit Amy Proctor's blog and see this story! The U.N. was holding its annual Commission on the Status of Women and the only country they can find to complain about is Israel. Israel! Are you kidding?

How are we supposed to take this organization seriously? Clearly Ahmed Ahwannajihad (aka The Freak of Iran) doesn't. Saddam didn't - he'd still be torturing people in Iraq if we hadn't stepped up to make the U.N. enforce its own resolutions.

Getting rid of Kofi the Corrupt was a start, but not nearly enough. Unless there is a serious overall of this organization, I say enough of our tax dollars have been spent on the Useless Nations.

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