Sunday, March 18

Life Still Better than it was under Saddam

That's what a recent British opinion poll reveals about how the people in Iraq (as opposed to people living in the U.S. working for the NY Times) feel about their lives. Get this - one in four of those Iraqis surveyed has had a family member murdered since we removed that brutal dictator and these same people STILL say that life is better for them now than it was under Saddam. Kind of puts things in perspective about how awful his old regime was.

And how about this - only 27% (as opposed to 98% of those working for CNN) think there is a civil war in Iraq right now.

They're also optomistic about the surge (uh, oh - might Bush's plan be working??? Don't tell anyone at CBS). By a two-to-one majority, Iraqis believe the surge now underway will dissolve all rogue militias and leave their country more secure after the U.S. led coalition forces leave.

Might Bush and our Founding Fathers be right? Might all people, even people with darker skin than us who practice a different religion, be endowed by our creator with the right, and therefore, the desire, to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? And might a democratic, capitalist society be a better environment to pursue happiness? And would people pursuing happiness be more or less agreeable to terrorist training camps existing in their country? To the plight of murderous jihadists? Or might they be friendlier to the country who helped them and shares their same, basic human ideals? I guess we'll see.

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