Monday, April 23

Flames Extinguished - Who's Next??

Last night the Wings finished off the Flames early into the second overtime of game 6. Round 1 is down - now we wait for the outcome of tonight's game between Dallas and Vancouver to see who we'll face in the next round.

Very impressed with the Wings - They've always had the skill, but in recent playoff years have been out-muscled by their opponents. This year they came out hitting from game 1, didn't let any of Calgary's cheap shots bother them, and just took care of business. What a great series!

Almost fell out of my chair last night when Lang score - Lang! About time he finally scored. Franzen got the OT winner. Dom was amazing in net - the entire series, for that matter.

And how 'bout our Deeeee-troit baaaaasketballllllll??? Game 1 down; they meet the Magic again tonight at the Palace.

What a great season to be living in the D!

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