Tuesday, November 14

Freak of Iran

...seems closer to his goal of ending the world than we would have thought. Apparently, Iran is very close to having that nuclear weapon:

International Atomic Energy experts have found unexplained plutonium and highly enriched uranium traces in a nuclear waste facility in Iran and have asked Tehran for an explanation, an IAEA report said Tuesday.

I wonder if their explanation will have anything to do with the Freak's threats yesterday that Israel will soon be wiped off the map?

How should we deal with this nut? We don't want to go to war with Iran even if he is threatening the entire world, apparently because of the anger we'd inspire among Muslims (why are we still worried about that?) and all the innocent civilians that would undoubtedly be killed in a conflict. But what are our options? Sit back and wait for him to nuke Israel?

Personally, I'd go Reagan on him and send a missile right into his bedroom. That might shut the Freak up for a few years or heck, maybe we'd get lucky and kill him!

In other, more frightening news, Hillary is talking about health care again.

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