Monday, November 20


(I didn't coin that title phrase - have to give the credit to espn) Sorry for the light blogging; The Sage has been traveling a lot for work in recent days... which led her to the conclusion that airports need to install punching bags for the frusterated traveler whose flights are delayed, cancelled, involve a New York airport, etc.

Likely you've heard of the passing of Bo Schembechler, one of the greatest coaches in college football history, this past Friday. What can you say about the man beyond his 10 Rose Bowls, his 20 winning seasons at U of M (for those on the east coast --it is NOT "umich"), his rivalries with his old mentor at that other school down in Ohio, and how he still had an office down the hall from Lloyd Carr, still had his door open for the players, and chose on the eve of his life to address the team Thursday night rather than worrying about his failing health. Bo was too weak to make the trip down to Columbus; he had planned on watching from home. But he was there, after all.

What a GAME that was! It was the most watched college football game since 1993 and didn't disappoint anyone. (In case anyone missed it, Michigan narrowly lost to the Nuts, 42-39)

Now the big question is - who deserves to play in the championship game? As of today, that would be Michigan, who is still ranked the #2 team in the country. (Can you think of one other team who would have lost by only 3 points to Ohio State?) Fact is, the #2 team deserves to go to the championship round and if Michigan is the #2 team, they should be back. (And, um, how do you think the TV ratings will be for THAT one? As opposed to a blowout if Ohio plays any other team). Some thoughts on this (pro and con) from espn.

I know a lot of people will be crying about USC, but let's face it --they narrowly beat so many subpar Pac 10 teams, how can you call them #2? Not even close. Besides, Notre Dame's gonna whoop their butts this Saturday. Payback time. In that event, though I am an Irish fan and would love to see them go to the championship game, there's that little fact that they got creamed by Michigan earlier this season. Go Blue!

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