Friday, September 29



For a small price, the newly released
Official Al Queda Handbook for Exacting Jihad on the Infidel Americans vol. XXVI
could be yours!


- Getting Started
Weak points along the Mexican border and how to breach them --including lists of militant smuggling groups ready to help!

-New ways Islam can be insulted and how to recognize them
Wondering if that Sunday cartoon doesn't seem as innocent as it looks? This chapter delves into thirty-seven new scenarios in which Islam can be insulted, proper levels of outrage per offense (from organizing demonstrations and flag burnings to murder!), and how to best inspire outrage in your local community.

-How to use Infidel term "politically correct" to your advantage
Facing uncomfortable questions from the Infidel authorities? This chapter is essential, explaining how best to use your religion and heritage to your advantage. Learn how to refute all charges brought against you on the basis that you are being unfairly targeted because you are Muslim. Also contains detailed descriptions of all the latest U.S. surveillance and anti-terror laws passed and how to circumvent them! Includes a bonus section - Lessons from Gitmo.

-Important Election Year Updates
Not registered to vote? Not a problem! Read these tantalizing accounts of dead people voting for Democrats! Also includes a comprhensive guide of Detroit and the other best cities to vote. (Remember - electing Democrats is essential to the implementation of all other chapters!)

-When your faith in Jihad wavers
Starting to think that Infidel slut in the short skirt looks like a nice girl? Do you find yourself feeling compassion for the Infidel children in your neighborhood? Do you secretly laugh at Jay Leno's extremely offensive jokes? This chapter will renew your resolution to carry out nobel jihad and kill them all. Includes sections on Zionists and how they must die, how Americans must die because they are Infidels and a threat to the Islamic Fundamentalist World we fight for, and a ranking of the most Infidel Western countries who all must also die.

-Jihad Interrupted
While true martyrs will die killing as many Infidels in the process and meeting 72 virgins in heaven, this chapter will help you through your failure and send you on your next mission of jihad, should the worst occur. Includes:
-Dramatic courtroom outburst statements
-How to maximize Infidel media attention
-Finding the right attorney (Includes complete list of ACLU offices in your target state)
-Learn how to inspire jihad in others by converting fellow inmates to Islam should you eventually be sent to prison

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Price: Your soul

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