Friday, April 21

Friday Roudup

Culture of Corruption update: Top Dem on the House Ethics committee steps down (seeing as he's currently being investigated for ethics violations...)

Cheney apparently fell asleep during the ChiCom president's visit... Ha!

Speaking of Hu, Rush had a great segment today about the "Drive By Media" and their reaction to the heckler. Everyone is so upset that this happened b/c the Chinese don't like to "lose face." I thought the libs cared about torture? I mean, how many stories have they done on Abu Grave and Gitmo? And isn't Cindy Sheehan their biggest hero? Yet there's not been one story or feature about the heckler and what she's protesting -namely her claims of oppression, torture and murder by the Chinese government against her people. So much for those big-hearted liberals. Apparently they only care about "torture" when they can try to pin something on a Republican. Yep, Bush is the real terrorist. UmmKay, moving on...

We have a great economy that no one wants to recognize... or at least give Republicans any credit for.

The Natalee Halloway case is going nowhere and it's looking more and more like the alleged Duke rape victim is lying, but they do have something in common in that they enabled Ann Coulter to inspire further ire with this post...

Speaking of ire- As a Republican, I've always had more faith in the American people and their intelligence than most liberal elites and Democrats. However, I've recently been questioning whether or not I'm wrong and most Americans really are just a bunch of idiots. Bush's poll numbers are at all time lows and there is a direct correlation between the president's poll numbers and gas prices, which are at record highs. The difference with me and the majority of Americans I suppose it that my anger at high gas prices is directed more at the Democrats in congress and their environmentalist whacko supporters who have not allowed us to drill for more oil in our own country, have not made it economically feasible for new refineries to be built, and have bascially made it easier and more cost effective to import so much foreign oil that we're completely beholden to these unstable freaks around the world like Chavez and the Saudi Royals. We should have been dealing with this oil issue 10 or 20 years ago; there's little Bush can do now or could have done (that would have passed Congress) in his short term to effect oil prices.

In other news, it appears that New Fallujah and Old Fallujah have even more in common than we initially thought...

Oh, and did I mention that the hockey playoffs start this weekend? (And basketball, too)

Have a good weekend, ya'all.
Go Wings!

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