Monday, April 17

Everybody Look What's Goin' Down...

Apparently Neil Young has joined the list of celebrities attacking the president. He has an album coming out dedicated to bashing Bush and critiquing the Iraq war, going so far as to advocate impeaching W.

(Of course, all of the deaths across the Middle East can naturally be attributed to Bush, who, for the past decade preceding his presidency, had secretly been working with Halliburton officials to fund terrorist training camps and courses in how to be a more effective suicide bomber.)

Before we waste five seconds complementing if we care, let's remember Young's early career with Buffalo Springfield... In his defense, maybe Neil is just confused. He might have recently been hit on the head or could be having an acid flashback, thus believing this to be 1969, rather than 2006.

Either way, someone should remind him of the last time a "country" music singer decided to bash the president/Iraq war in their songs. Oh, I know some rappers like to slide in a few lines here and there, but on the whole, I can't think of another singer or celebrity who has actually benefitted from this type of brainless criticism. Quite the opposite, actually. Meanwhile, patriotic, pro-America songs have been quite successful. Someone should spread the word in the music industry --Americans generally like to hear GOOD things about their country, especially in a time of war when we have soldiers' lives at risk.

Moving on... The REAL question is how this unpopular war will effect political campaigns in years to come. In, say 2036, will we have a presidential candidate claiming he served admirably in Iraq when really he injured himself just barely enough to qualify for that purple heart and came back to hug a tree and Cindy Sheehan? Oh, and throw other peoples' medals over walls. Well, time will tell, I guess. And if so, I'm sure they'll invite Neil Young to sing at their convention.

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