Thursday, April 20

The party of peace and tolerance.

Yeah, RIGHT.

This makes me so unbelieveably angry. These hypocritical, deranged hippies have posted the name, address, phone numbers, photos, and aerial photos of Michelle Malkin's house all over the the internet. Why? Because she's an outspoken Republican woman.

Party of tolerance and peace, my butt.

This is the same party of tolerance and political correctness that illegally obtained a Republican politician's credit report, only support black and other minority politicians if they're Democrat, threaten bodily harm on peacefully demonstrating pro-life demonstrators...and the list goes on.

But this? How can they do something like this to Michelle Malkin? What the hell has she done besides speak her mind and be successful at it? Don't they know the kind of danger they've put her in?

You would never. I repeat, NEVER hear of a Republican doing something like this to a hippie. Ever. As a matter of fact, I challenge anyone of the moonbat persuasion to show me any trend toward us persecuting, threatening or in any way behaving in an illegal manner towards Democrats even anywhere NEAR as close as they to us. Show me. I'll wait here.

More: I hesitated to post this because of the virulent foul language directed at Ms. Malkin in quoted e-mails, but it serves to illustrate more clearly the kind of unhinged hatred being shoveled in her direction. It's sick.

Democrats? Remember this when you can't figure out why Republicans make "ew, something stinks" faces when they see you coming. You are the lowest form of scum. And you wonder why we don't take you seriously...

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