Wednesday, April 19

Get Ready...

The Wings wrapped up their regular season last night (regrettably with a loss, but that's what happens when you don't play Nick Lidstrom); the Pistons will wrap theirs up tonight. And Detroit is ready for the Playoffs.

Some excerpts from the Detroit Free Press article to help those not lucky enough to live in or around New Fallujah:

Never before has a city had its NHL and NBA teams enter the playoffs with the best records in their respective leagues.
(Wings: 58-16-8; Pistons: 64-17 with one more to go)

And never has a city won the Stanley Cup and NBA Finals in the same season.
(knocking on wood vehemently in anti-jinx precaution...)

On the Wings--

Said Kathie Jones, a Sterling Heights resident who works for a contracting company whose sole account is with General Motors: "Even if I lose my job tomorrow, I still have the Red Wings."

On the Pistons--

It's a symbiotic relationship: The region supports the team because it plays with relentlessness and gravitas, the team shows the rest of the country the characteristics the region wants to be identified with most.

Yeeeeeeeaaaaaah! Bring it on! Get your octopi ready! Can't wait!!!!

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