Wednesday, April 19

Darn those baby shows.

So I'm on maternity leave...and I'm SUPPOSED to be working around the house and packing and doing loads of baby laundry and getting ready and whatnot...but what am I doing? Watching those dang baby shows on Discovery Health. And crying. *sigh*

You know, when they finally deliver the squirmy, slimy, blue-ish little bundle and the mom starts bawling? Gets me every time. I've got two weeks left before *I* get a squirmy, slimy, blue-ish little bundle and I can't WAIT!! Well, I'm not too keen on the whole "delivery" process, but I figure with an epidural and people standing by with something blunt and heavy to hit me with if (God forbid) the epidural doesn't work? I'll be fine.

(here's where the moms and dads out there shake their heads ruefully at my naivete)

Anyhoo. This is why yours truly here hasn't been ranting much about the goings-on in politics lately. I'm not watching Fox News as much...instead I'm watching Discovery Health and crying a lot. (I know the Sage LOVES it when I carry on about baby stuff)

It's also been unseasonably gorgeous here in New Fallujah! My dad says that here in Michigan we get about 6 perfect days this time of year...and I think we're on day 4 already. You know the days - no clouds, bright sunshine, and a cool-ish breeze blowing JUST when the sun gets a bit too warm. It even SMELLS pretty out there.

I wonder if my cable will reach outside so I can watch Discovery Health on the porch...

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