Thursday, March 23

*heavy sigh* So WHAT?

Is it bad that I read things like this and think "Yeah? So?"

It's a good thing nobody accessed my e-mail during the 2004 campaigns...they'd have read a LOT worse than that regarding Kerry.

Yeah, I know I'm not the head of a major news organization. But is it a suprise to ANYONE out there that the media doesn't like Bush? Anyone?

Oh, and also filed under "Sigh, so what" is Cheney's suite rider. Do you know that friend-shooting, Halliburton-loving fascist likes to have his room set at *gasp* 68?? And that he is so cruel as to ask for decaf coffee to be brewed for him when he arrives? I wouldn't blame the hotel staff if they cried abuse! torture! Aieeee!!! Don't shoot me!

His wife, apparently, in a show of complete spinelessness likes Perrier. What? The VP's wife is supporting the cheese-eating surrender monkeys? Sacre bleu! Off with her head.

Like myself and the Sage, though, he requires...nay, DEMANDS Fox News. Sage, bless her heart, changed rooms on a business trip at 2am because her room didn't have Fox News. Now THERE'S a patriot for you.

Thanks to Drudge.

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