Friday, March 24

It's finally Friday.

And I think I see snow outside. Yep, I definitely see white stuff flying through the air. Sigh. It was actually quite promising-looking this morning. Some sun, not too cold...and now, snow.

As per our "tradition" lately, here are some random Friday nibbles for ya'll. Hope it's warm and balmy and sunny where YOU are.

GAH! My eyes! Ow...ow...

Speaking of "celebrities", this is SO wrong on SO many levels. Naturally, I feel the need to share. Get the brain bleach ready...(SFW)

"Thespian Carbuncle of Bile", Helen Thomas. (extra points for knowing what a "carbuncle" is...)

Your Friday Steyn..."Down with Stability".
Also a very enlightening interview with Hugh Hewitt:

Steyn on Iraq and this mythical "civil war":
When people use terms like insurgency and civil war and all this, think about the meaning of those terms. We've seen what civil war is within recent memory, in Rwanda and Bosnia and Ivory Coast, just to pick three examples. That's where the country gets split from top to toe between different ethnic groups, and they all start killing each other, and rival governments spring up, and there's massive population displacements. None of that is going on in Iraq, and it's know, Tim Russert said today, he defended NBC, the media's Iraq coverage, by saying we capture reality. Yeah, they capture reality in the same sense that those insurgent guys capture people. They saw it's head off and shout Allah Akhbar at reality. That's what they're doing when they capture reality. The reality of what's happening in Iraq is very different from what Tim Russert thinks it is.

Steyn on the ABC producer's e-mail:
Well, I think the fact of the matter is, I wouldn't put Bush makes know, a lot of people make me nauseous, but I wouldn't put it on an e-mail, because I wouldn't assume that everyone who saw that e-mail agreed with me. What is reveals is that what the media think of as their impartiality is in fact rather a bland assumption that they all think the same way. And that's what's revealing about this, that he knew he could send that e-mail to all his chums at ABC, and that they would all agree that Bush makes them puke. And the difference is, you know what I think, and I know what you think. And why doesn't...I'm happy that this has come clean, that Bush makes him puke.

I found the two links below yesterday. But I saved them for today. Pretty disturbing, actually. (especially the first one. And yes, both links are SFW.)

Hoarding. It's not all fun and games!

More hoarding. Only this is not as gross. It's just...head-scratchingly wierd that someone would CHOOSE to live like this. (as opposed to the first "hoarding" example that is just downright disgusting)
(both links thanks to Ace)

Anybody doing anything especially exciting this weekend? Just curious.

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