Thursday, March 23

But...but...everybody's doing it!!'re not. Interesting how the MSM and the entertainment industry wants us to believe certain things. Interesting how they've managed to convince us we DO believe certain things.

Until polls like this one come out. (Zogby)
  • 59 percent agree that abortion ends a human life while only 29 percent disagree.
  • 50 percent of Americans believe life begins at conception while just 19 percent say life begins at birth.
That's a BIG discrepancy from what we've been led to believe. Oh, you think life begins at conception? ::patronizing expression:: You poor, misguided little thing.

Is it any wonder they don't want to put gay marriage and abortion to a vote? They KNOW they're going to lose. Big time.

There's more at that link. Much more. Pretty eye-opening, actually.

Ann Coulter has a few things to say about polls, too. Of course. Dang it, I think I'm a little in love with Ann Coulter. (yeah, yeah, Sage. I know. This isn't a newsflash, is it.)