Thursday, March 23

Sacre Bleu! Riots in France Again

This time it's young people of France protesting a controversial new law that makes it easier to fire younger workers. Wow, that's a novel concept. Firing an employee who is not performing up to scratch... guess that's against their socialist mantra. But like labor unions who would rather see 10,000 auto workers laid off than agree to a reduction of wages or benefits, these young people in France are shooting themselves in the foot. Unemployment is very high in France; it's significantly higher for young people in their twenties. Now, if employers can't fire these young, untested people with little or no work experience, why would they want to take the chance by hiring them in the first place? Just maybe, giving them the out of being able to fire workers who were not up to scratch, might make employers more likely to take the chance with younger workers; after all, their salaries are lower. But then, I wouldn't expect socialists to grasp this common sense concept.

I have some further advice for the young French protesters --um, if the employers didn't want to take the risk by hiring you before, rioting and protesting is NOT going help change their minds! Just a helpful hint...

Yep, they have real problems over there. Personally, I would look to the glorious history of France for ideas to solve their current problems. They could round up the politicians that anger them and bust out the old guillotine. Or they could just surrender to the unemployment and other social problems. Or they could try to exchange barrels of oil for the passage of favorable laws. Any one of these time-tested measures might work for them.

And these are the people that so many on the Left worried didn't support us in the Iraq War... Alrighty then.

Some photos:

Do you think there might be another reason this person has trouble getting a job??

Well, I must say it's nice to see someone else's head as the focal point of a protest, for a change

Can you imagine if they put this much energy into their country's defense??

OK, this guy's wearing a Yankees hat; he deserves to get beat up

On a serious note, I truly do feel bad about what the French are going through. The lasting effects of socialism, folks. Remember it.

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