Monday, March 20

Sad State of Affairs

Great article about the former Taliban spokesman now attending Yale. This article contrasts reactions Yale staff/students have over the former Taliban member to past reactions over former Nazi staff members at the prestigeous, Ivy League school (that, by the way, many Americans would love to attend, but will be denied admission because the school needed to fill their spot and boost campus diversity with a former Taliban member).


At the same time it might be useful for Yalies to discuss how his case is both different from and similar to those of Vladimir Sokolov and Paul de Man, the Nazi propagandists in Yale's past.

I'll tell you how it's different --it's because sadly, many in academia don't think the Taliban is all that bad. After all, they're fighting the evil Americans, so we should have some sympathy for them, right? Yes, that is the sick, sad truth. Everyone acknowledged the evils of the Nazis; it was OK back then because Democrats were presidents when we defeated that enemy.

To blatantly ignore the Taliban's atrocities in Afganistan, not to mention the murder of 3,000 Americans on 9/11, is to say the least appalling. But the left-leaning academics would rather try to understand and get along with these poor, misunderstood people and expose other Yale students to this great guy's "diverse" background.