Monday, March 20

Cindy's our hero

It's been far too long since we've given you a Cindy Sheehan update, so here it is. I found some of these "insights" highly amusing...

...before the death of her soldier son Casey and the political trajectory of her anguish propelled her to divorce, to estrangement from friends, and to a frenetic campaign to end U.S. military involvement in Iraq.

(Or maybe it was just her freakish nature, scary obsession with Bush, detachment from reality and gross muffin top that drove her husband and friends away...)

Her public rhetoric grows angrier. In the earliest interview, after her first meeting with the president, she gingerly described him as sincere while suggesting he didn't satisfy her about the war. In recent months, she has branded him "The Fuhrer" and a mass murderer, demanding his impeachment.

(One has to wonder what happened within her mind to make her opinion of the president change so drastically from right after meeting with him to when he didn't feel it necessary to meet with her again... Didn't she recognize those Fuhrer-esque traits the first time she met Dubya?)

Sheehan has been severed from much of her old life -- or she has severed it herself. Her marriage, her job, her home. Loss of most of her friends, whom she cannot forgive for voting to re-elect Bush. Loss of her Catholic faith (a former youth pastor, she has abandoned Christianity and envisions a universal spiritual creator.)

(Hmmm.. maybe that's her real problem...)

And because the world just doesn't know enough about this brave press whore, Susan Sarandon is set to portray her in a biographical movie! I wonder if Susan will abandon her usual make-up and bulk up to more acurately portray this hero.... I certainly can't wait for the premier; I hope she invites her buddy, Hugo. Should be a smash!