Tuesday, January 31

Live From New Fallujah - SOTU 2006!

Wow, Laura looks beautiful in her pink suit - classy as usual. And can I please say how much I adore Dick Cheney? He's hunching into his seat looking officious and serious - in the Dick Cheney-esque way of his.

(we're watching Fox News, just FYI.)

Here comes Alito and the Supreme Court justices - including the newly sworn-in Samuel Alito! What a moment for him and his wife. Wow.

Cindy Sheehan was apparently removed in HANDCUFFS from the gallery - and DETAINED, but not yet arrested. She had some kind of banner that she planned to unfurl? It's unconfirmed. (She was the guest of congresswoman Lynn Woolsey?) I don't understand why she felt the need for a banner --weren't the pots and pans enough??? And her flashlights, Sage, don't forget the flashlights...

Mr. Speaker, the President of the United States!!

Any thoughts on the blue tie???
It's more...purple. Like a combo of Red/Blue? Trying to extend that "olive branch" thingie?
Purple??? Are you kidding me? He's not out for a part in Brokeback Mountain. It's BLUE.

GAH! John and Teresa. My eyes!!

Tribute to Coretta Scott King. Nice.

Good points addressing the divisive political climate... wish his sentiment was felt on both sides of the aisle...
"Seeking the end of tyranny in our world..." -- How can anyone argue with the justness of that goal?
(Shut up, McCain..)

Women voting in Afghanistan. Iraqis voting. Freedom. Not "misguided idealism".

Liking Bush's demeanor and confidence so far... comes from a man speaking from true conviction
"The United States will never surrender from the world"

He's doing a great job here. Seriously. His speaking style seems a lot different this time around. (of course the dems aren't clapping - or if they are they sort of look like they're swatting a stray fly or something.)

When Bush says "We ARE winning", the libs don't stand, but of course the Republicans do...as do the military men.

Speaking of which, the troops will come home based on what the military commanders say, not politicians.

"Hindsight is not wisdom and second guessing is not a strategy" -- You tell 'em, Dubya!!!

I think Kerry is napping. Or maybe he's praying? Head down, eyes closed...
Bush looks very "Presidential". Well, he is the President - but he seems more forceful and strong and confident than he has in past speeches.

Did you see the prideful smile in Sgt. Clay's father's eyes??? A far cry from Cindy Sheehan, eh?
(good point, Sage)

Democracies in the Middle East will not look like our own. But it IS their right as members of humanity.

Iranian government must not gain nuclear weapons. Are you LISTENING, Iran? Ya'll are next.

"America respects you and your country. And will be allies someday with a free and democratic Iran." (speaking to the people of Iran)

I like how he' pointed out the reality that though Democracies are good, we can't expect them to all have the same value system as we do. The new Democracies will be founded in each country's traditional values. (Kind of like here in America - Contrary to Liberal belief, we can be a good Democracy and still hold true to traditional American values...)

Reauthorize the Patriot Act!!

Terror Surveillance program. It's essential. If there are people in our country talking to Al Qaida we want to know about it - and will not wait until we are attacked again.

Lovely, spine-crawling shot of a smug, smirking, really really repulsive Hillary Clinton. Thanks, Fox News. Now I need to call my therapist.

Yes! We need to make those tax cutts permanent!!!! (Remember - 2/3 of our economy is consumer spending...)
I like that he's planning cutting unnecessary spending projects. We'll see how that goes. Sheets might have issues with the national dandilion planting institute he had planned for West Virginia...

Lookie there. The Democrats find something to clap about. Social Security reform not pasing. Nice. ("this year 2 of my dad's favorite people turn 60. Me and Bill Clinton". har.)

Shot of John McCain and his chins looking really...McCainey.

Yes! PLEASE --buy American!!! Especially lots of great cars, trucks and SUVs from New Fallujah!!! (We're partial to Jeep and Chevy, ourselves...)

Immigration reform...Guest worker program...blah, blah, blah.

"Affordable Health Care" doesn't mean Socialism...not sure if Hillary realizes that. But the Dems decide to clap for that too.

Glad he brought up the lawsuit issues --I know people in med school and it's no joke that students are not becoming ob/gyns b/c the health care costs are so great they cannot afford it any longer. (Do you know people can sue the delivering doctor for things that happen to children until they're 18??? It's ridiculous!)

Gee, um, I thought Bush and Cheney were supposed to be "in bed" with the big oil companies. Do you really think he'd be talking about moving beyond an oil based economy if that were the case? (In typical Bush fashion, he actually means to achieve his goals, just not talking about them.. and has set some pretty aggresive timetables here...)

American Competitiveness Initiative??? But liberals don't want us to succeed. Remember, we're the bad, evil capitalists ruining the environment, blah, blah, blah...

Bush says there are fewer abortions now than in the past three decades. Indicates that the new generation is seeing that "a life of personal responsibility is a life of fulfillment".

America is NOT in decline. We have proven the pessimists wrong - and we will do it again. Period. Thank you, Dubya.

(yahoo - shout out to Alito!)

Sit DOWN, Levin
The prez. asks politicians in D.C. to always remember that they are supposed to be worthy of holding public office... (unless, of course, you're a Kennedy, and then anything goes)
Awww, Laura's so cute

EWWWWW -- Lurch! (back from the slopes, we see)

We are confident of the victories to come. May God bless America.

...Sage went to get a beer. Dems on next. I've got my tinfoil ready.

So now all of the commentators and critics are coming out... My overall impression was that it was one of Dubya's better speeches. He wasn't here today to go into hours of detail on each specific policy issue. He was giving a broad, overall take on the State of the Union and where we need to move forward. The overall tone of the speech exuded optomism --Americans achieving our dreams, helping other countries achieve their right to live freely, in democracies --in true W. fashion, very optomistic and positive.

Liberals: Repeat after me: "America good. Terrorists, dictators and communists bad." Got it?

Richmond, VA. Do I have to watch Tim Cain? Do I have to? *whine* sigh.

He's going to invoke Coretta Scott King and use her for a political point? Classy. Not.
Okay, now he's talking about how Katrina is Bush's fault? Shut it. Please. I can't stand it.

A democrat talking about common sense. That's rich.

Sage is eating pizza. How's that pizza, Sage? Can I walk away, now? no? Sigh.

Here we go. "Reckless spending". He seems to think that Democrats were focused on results and were fiscally more responsible. Whatever.

"No Child Left Behind" is wreaking havoc on schools. Mmm-kay, then.

This guy has a wonky eyebrow. And he seems a bit...French. But that's probably just me. Ooh, and look, Sage. He's wearing a RED tie. Dubya wore a BLUE tie. Coincidence?

He hasn't forgotton about 9/11. Good to know. They have a commitment to win the WOT. Since when? I'm confused. Wish I could have a beer.

Ooh! Here it is. Bush lied us into war. I knew that was coming.

Bush bad because he wanted to cut troops? I thought that was a good thing. Now he's yammering about body armor - the same body armor addressed by the Pentagon recently in response to Hillary's screeching.

Why do I have this feeling that we're going to see the guy with the freaky eyebrows running in '08?

I really hope he says a few more things about Virginia, though.

Oh, sorry, I drifted off for a bit there. Sounds more of the same from the Dem response. "We have a better way." Their policy doesn't work, we have a better way. Wah!. (Whenever they have details about this mysterious "better way" I'd be glad to hear about it.)

Wait, is he still talking???

Awww, he's wearing an American flag and said "God" bless America. He's gonna get smacked for that, I'm sure.

Brit Hume says Cain's theme was "a better way". More like "we have a better way but we don't know what it is until a Republican says something we can say the opposite of".

I want to see the 4 protestors outside banging on their pots and pans, darn it. Where are the protestors?? Smokin' a doobie and muchin' on vegan burgers -- I'm not sure they realize it's over yet...

Okeedokee then. Our first "live blog" event. That was fun. I think we'll do this again. Hope the pink/yellow thing wasn't too distracting. Hopefully we'll have pictures posted tomorrow!

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