Thursday, October 11

SW States Need to Deal

Here in Michigan we really like our lakes. In fact, one of the reasons we like living here is for the beauty and recreational opportunities the lakes afford us. That, and we have some of the best drinking water in the country. ("These lakes are of sweet water" - Antoine Cadillac)

If you want to move down to a southwestern state for the sun and the dry heat and the warm weather, don't forget you moved to a DESERT. Water isn't plentiful in a DESERT. So maybe you shouldn't have a grass lawn...

Here's one issue I'm actually agreeing with environmentalists on - NM Gov. Bill Richardson thinks "northern states" should "share" their water. Why? So he can build bigger cities down there that we will sustain until our lakes go dry?? The notion is so ridiculous, and so typical Democrat-Socialist (everyone share! no one should have more than anyone else!).

I like some of the comments from my fellow New Fallujans - esp. the first from "marytee":

We will ship water out there when they start shipping sunshine back here...

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