Monday, October 8

Go Stanford

I guess people are so blase about upsets in college football, they aren't making as big of a deal about USC's fall from grace this Saturday. But I sure will here!!!

Consider the stats and tell me this wasn't a bigger upset than the I-AA champions beating Michigan earlier this year:

How does a Stanford team that lost by 38 points the week before and coughed up 141 points in three Pacific-10 wipeouts barge into the L.A. Coliseum and give Southern California its first home defeat in six years?

How can the Cardinal, because the No.1 quarterback had a seizure, start a backup with three college passes to his name -- Tavita Pritchard -- and watch him turn into John Elway?

Stanford might play with the big guys, but the Cardinal still were 1-11.

In other good news - Michigan won (yea! Though I expected a bigger margin over Eastern), Michigan State lost (yea! To Northwestern in OT), and Notre Dame even managed to scrape by their first win of the season, beating another Cali team (yea!). Great weekend for college ball!

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